20 best Python questions at stackoverflow in 2017

These are the 20 most rated questions at 2017 Stack Overflow.
Between brackets: question score & answers count
Built date: 2018/01/01 07:58:08 GMT

  1. What is python .. ("dot dot") notation syntax? - [174/4]
  2. Why is x**4.0 faster than x**4 in Python 3? - [149/3]
  3. Given a string of a million numbers, return all repeating 3 digit numbers (interview) - [131/12]
  4. Why in python 0, 0 == (0, 0) equals (0, False) - [104/5]
  5. Does Python optimize away a variable that's only used as a return value? - [97/2]
  6. Speed up millions of regex replacements in Python 3 - [95/9]
  7. Union of 2 sets does not contain all items - [91/4]
  8. What is the difference between i = i + 1 and i += 1 in a 'for' loop? - [95/6]
  9. Why is copying a shuffled list much slower? - [86/3]
  10. Why do tuples take less space in memory than lists? - [85/4]
  11. What happens when you assign the value of one variable to another variable in Python? - [69/8]
  12. Why does the size of this Python String change on a failed int conversion - [68/2]
  13. Is a list (potentially) divisible by another? - [66/5]
  14. Understanding *x ,= lst - [64/3]
  15. Why are arbitrary target expressions allowed in for-loops? - [57/4]
  16. Python for loop better way - [56/3]
  17. Strange use of python's 'and' operator - [55/7]
  18. Increase the number of statically nested blocks - [54/3]
  19. How to pivot a dataframe - [60/1]
  20. Re-assigning a name to itself - [49/1]

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